Animated Petals PowerPoint Templates

Petals and flowers can have symbolic value in making presentations for a variety of topics, ranging from environmental presentations to topics related to growth, business, celebrations, special occasions and the like. Using Animated Petals PowerPoint Templates below you can cover such topics and create presentations with the help of visually appealing colorful slides with animations.

Animated Petal PowerPoint Template

As the name implies, this petal themed PowerPoint Template comes with many colorful flower and petal themed slides with generic layouts that can be adjusted to your specific presentation topic with ease.

Animated petal PowerPoint template

You can make use of the animated slides by adding your own content, which will integrate with the animations rendered in the template, automatically. Alternatively, you can also use the static versions of the given slides to suit your needs.

Petal themed comparison slide

The template can also be suitably used for creating custom diagrams and charts, (such as a petal diagram or flower diagram) to display theoretical concepts or a comparison that you wish to make between two or more variables.

Create custom petal shaped diagrams

The below image shows a sample bar chart which can be easily edited to accommodate your own data to create petal themed chart(s). The Animated Petal Template is available in Widescreen and Standard format for:

  • PowerPoint for PC
  • PowerPoint for Mac
  • Keynote for Mac and iOS (iPad)

Go to Presenter Media – Widescreen Animated Petal Presentation Template

Go to Presenter Media – Standard Animated Petal Presentation Template

Bar chart slide with flowers

Animated Growing Solutions PowerPoint Template

The Animated Growing Solutions PowerPoint Template is another flower, petal and growth themed template which can be moulded to various presentation topics. The opening slide of this animated presentation template plays out an animation of the various stages involved in the growth of plants, with placeholders for adding your own title and subtitle.

Growing solutions PowerPoint template

The following slides provide slide layouts with a similar themed, with charts, list slides, comparison slides, etc.

Growth themed slide

This template is ideal for depicting the various stages of a process by taking the example of a plant, emphasizing primarily on subjects related to growth. The Animated Growing Solutions Template can be downloaded for:

  • PowerPoint for PC
  • PowerPoint for Mac
  • Keynote for Mac and iOS (iPad)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Growing Solutions Template

Growing solutions bar chart

Animated Flower Clipart

The CFL Flower is an animated flower clipart which shows CFL bulbs as petals of a flower, where each bulb glows turn by turn. This clipart animation is available in GIF format, as well as in video formats like Flash and MOV.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Flower Clipart

CFL flower animated clipart

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