Animated People Search PowerPoint Template

People make up of an important aspect of many presentations, be it a topic about the workforce of a company, students or teachers in a school, customers of a business, users using an app or the need to search through data of users for research purposes. People Search PowerPoint Template is an animated template by Presenter Media for creating presentations associated with a group of people.

People Search PowerPoint Template

Customize Template To Create Presentation On Any Topic

Topics that can be covered using this highly customizable template can include; customers, employees, students, teachers or any other group which may come to mind. The flexible sample slides in this template make it suitable for business, technology, academic, research based and other types of presentations where one may require emphasizing on a group of people.

Customize People search Template

Animated Template With Video Animations, Graphs And Clipart

The template comes with video animations embedded in the sample slides which can be adjusted according to your requirements by adding your own content. The sample slides come with various layouts (e.g. static, animated, two picture, three picture and graph layouts). These layouts provide various charts, graphs, SmartArt graphics and useful images that can be used for quickly creating animated presentations.

Edit Graph in People search PowerPoint Template

The template contains as many as 20 sample slides, with a plethora of sample content which can be edited, copied and moved to existing or new slides. For example, you can copy the clipart items and customize them to create eye-catching slides, with minimum effort. Likewise, you can add your own content to the various place holders to create professional looking animated presentations at an amazingly fast pace.

People Search Clipart And Images

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People Search PowerPoint Template is compatible with both PC and Mac. You can download the PPTX (PowerPoint) version of this template separately for your PC or Mac computer.

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