Greek Alphabet PowerPoint Presentation with Flash Cards

A flash card is a card containing a small amount of information, held up for pupils to see, as an aid to learning. Flash cards can be really effective for learning purposes and are widely used by teachers and even by students preparing lessons.

In PowerPoint you can easily create flash cards using the PowerPoint slides. We already posted articles on how to use and creating flash cards in PowerPoint or business Flash Cards but today we want to introduce this creative idea to show the Greek Alphabet in PowerPoint using Flash Cards introduced by Ron Henzel in his blog (see reference link at the end of the post).

Free Greek Alphabet PowerPoint Presentation with Flash Cards

The awesome Greek Alphabet flash card PowerPoint presentation provided by Ron Henzel can be a good presentation for anyone who is committed to learn Greek Alphabet. You can memorize the vocabulary but also points of grammar and other related topics. Moreover, you can see a comparison between English vs. Greek.

It is readily observable how many of the lower case Greek letters looks similar to the English alphabet. Notice English similarities to the alpha, beta, delta, epsilon, iota, kappa, omicron, sigma, tau, upsilon, zeta. The most difficult Greek letters can also be recognized correctly in English, for example you can take a look at the Greek lambda character corresponding to the cursive English l.

The Flash Cards can facilitate the memorization and this process can become very effective for education purposes, especially in teaching languages.

Each Flash Card slide in PowerPoint will show you the uppercase and lowercase letter of a given character. However, make sure to run the slideshow so you can see the animated effects and as soon as you move forward you will see the letter’s name is revealed after each slide. Also the pronunciation so you can check the knowledge.

Download the free Flash Card template with Green Characters PowerPoint presentation from Ron Henzel’s website. If you prefer, you can save this pptx as a PDF and print it to share with your audience.

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