Animated Online Streaming Entertainment PowerPoint Template

Online streaming has been replacing conventional modes of entertainment in recent years. This is why even gaming consoles come with integration for services like Netflix and options to stream media through connected devices.  Unlike conventional templates with an entertainment theme, the Animated Online Streaming Entertainment PowerPoint Template covers different modes of streaming entertainment options such as voice search, game consoles, TVs and other devices.

Slides on Streaming Entertainment Devices

You will notice a range of devices shown on the opening slide of the template. These are in the form of replaceable clipart images placed on the title slide. The title slide and following slides include images of a smart speaker, TV, smartphone and joystick.

Animated Online streaming entertainment PowerPoint template

Each of the devices on the title slide have dedicated individual slides for them with layouts to help you describe their functions and relevance to your topic. You can also edit to replace these devices with others. The generic layouts have been designed to help you customize slides according to need without much editing. The Animated Online Streaming Entertainment PowerPoint Template covers different modes of online streaming entertainment options.

Voice search slide design

Discuss Different Types of Streaming Services

In your slides, you can discuss the relevance of anything from a gaming console with integrated streaming options for games and services like Netflix to their popularity, common trends and the like. Slides like these might be relevant for presentations about online streaming trends, reaching out to a target market and ideas for tapping into streaming services like YouTube for advertisement.

Streaming games on a console

Using the various handy layouts, you can easily create slides related to online streaming and entertainment. Whether you want to discuss services like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu or gaming platforms like Steam.

Streaming videos online

There are 7 slides in this template. These slides provide customizable sample content with some very useful layouts to create anything from a general slide with basic text to infographics and elaborate charts.

Streaming movie and TV shows slide design

Other than PowerPoint, this template also has a version available for Keynote that can be downloaded from the link below.

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