Quarterly Earnings Report Maker Template For PowerPoint

Companies, whether public or private, always need to keep track and report their performances when it comes to different aspects of their business. This ensures that the business is running smoothly and meeting its short and long-term goals. One such important report is the quarterly earnings report.


A Quarterly Earnings Report includes relevant financial information within a given quarter of the year. This includes net income, earnings from continuing operations, per share earnings, as well as net sales. While this report may be daunting for some, you can ease your mind because you can use the Quarterly Earnings Report Maker Template for PowerPoint.

Handy Report Template for Business

The Quarterly Earnings Report Maker Template for PowerPoint is a very handy template that will help take the hassle out of creating a comprehensive and accurate report. This report PowerPoint template features a premade set of 12 professionally designed slides that will allow you to organize your information concisely and logically.

The theme of the presentation is simple and elegant, and can suit most company needs because of its versatile and universal look. The title slide, as well as the inside slides, have a white background with a tan line going across the upper part of the slide. This has a lighter, outline that serves as an accent.

In this overlay, you can type in your presentation title, such as the sample in the template, “Quarterly Results and FY [Year] Financial Outlook. Under this is the subtitle, such as company name, presenter, and date. The title slide already has sample text for you to help guide you as you complete your template.


Use the Sample Content as Guide

Similarly, the inside slides have sample content that help you complete your Quarterly Earnings Report presentation. The template already gives you a list of the important and relevant information you need to include.


With this template you don’t have to worry about designing and creating visual objects from scratch because the template already has matching tables, graphs, and charts that you can use. This allows you to create visual representations of your numerical data so that your audience will easily understand the report and better retain the information.

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