Animated Factory Production PowerPoint Template

The Animated Factory Production PowerPoint Template comes with 12 sample slides that provide animations depicting a production process in a factory. With top-notch graphics, animated assembly line layouts and editable objects; this template can be a great resource for making presentations about production processes, factories, blue collar workers, supply chains, etc.

Animated Slides Depicting a Production Process

The animated slides depict various steps of the production process of a product in the form of generic layouts that you can customize. You can also add additional images to depict a very specific kind of product.

Editable Slides with Customizable Layouts

There are text-boxes for explaining each slide, as well as sample clipart that can be edited in PowerPoint. You can also remodel entire slides to customize layouts. With the editable layouts you can mix and mash your content as you please. The customization possibilities are quite unlimited due to the easily customizable slide designs.

Comprehensively Designed Production Process Slides

There is a map slide which can be used for transportation and supply chain related slides. There are also other transport themed slides that can be helpful for this purpose. The template depicts a production process from start to finish. This includes animations of running assembly lines, packaging, transportation and even slides for depicting your market segment.

There are also PowerPoint slides for discussing your consumers and even to present them in the form of a graph. The people themed graph can be an interesting way of presenting a potential or existing market and to discuss market share. You can also convert this graph into a timeline.

The Factory Production PowerPoint Template comes in Standard and Widescreen orientations, with versions available for PowerPoint and Keynote.

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