Animated Emergency Response Training PowerPoint Template

Emergency response training is essential for employees so that they may be able to respond to emergency situations according to set protocols to protect themselves and others. It isn’t necessary that this training may only be given to the support staff, since this type of training includes lifesaving techniques and methods to prevent major hazards. The Animated Emergency Response Training PowerPoint Template can be used for designing emergency response training exercises for employees, students and teachers at educational institutes, as well as volunteers being trained to respond to emergencies.

Animated Emergency Response Training PowerPoint Template

Slides with Emergency Response Illustrations

The template offers some finely crafted emergency response related illustrations which can be used to train individuals for different types of emergencies. This can include emergency response training for extinguishing a fire, giving CPR, first aid, etc. You can start your presentation with something basic such as various phone numbers or procedures for responding to an emergency.

Make a presentation on Emergency Response

You can follow up your slides with more elaborate details regarding how to respond to different types of emergencies. The given illustrations and sample diagrams can be a big help in creating presentations without spending hours on making descriptive slides.

The sample slides come in animated format, which can help make your slides more visually appealing and keep the audience more attentive during your presentation.

Choking Hazard

Easy to Understand Emergency Response Guidelines

Many of the slides cover various guidelines for easy emergency response training such as the PASS concept depicted below. This concept can be helpful in teaching someone the use of a fire extinguisher by applying the basic rule of pull, aim squeeze and sweep.

PASS to Extinguish Fire

Similarly, you can use the slide below for explaining the concept of CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation). You can also add image, diagrams, clipart and videos to your slides to further refine them.

CPR Instructions

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