Animated DNA PowerPoint Template

Be it medical presentations or a presentation about the core values of an organization, you might want to use DNA as a central theme! While this might be a necessary and even unavoidable use when briefing patients, discussing pandemics or creating a presentation for medical students, the same can be used for other purposes as well. Animated DNA PowerPoint Template gives slides with DNA illustrations which can be customized, as well as a mechanism to switch between slides using interactive menus.

animated dna powerpoint template

Editable DNA Illustrations

There are a lot of colorful DNA themed slides, with illustrations that you can recolor and edit using drag and drop for individual objects. The slides come with animations which are configured to help make your added content pop up on screen.

dna slides

Interactive Slide Menus

There are interactive menus in the template which can be used to switch between topics in a click. You can use these menus to organize your topics in a manner that they can be easily switched between. This can help you make your presentation more fluid.

dna slide design

This method is also much better than quickly moving back and forth slides to find what you need when you need to switch between topics during a Q&A session or to reinforce an idea during a presentation by giving a reference from a previous slide. The interactive menus come in the form of icons which lead to different subtopics within the presentation.

dna chart

You can identify menus and icons which are interconnected by running a slideshow or previewing the demo for the slides at the product page. There is a complete walkthrough of the slides given at the page for users to understand the pre-configured interactive buttons given in the form of icons within the template.

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