Animated Corporate Design PowerPoint Template

Corporate design presentation templates with a modern design can be used for making presentations with formal, yet simple layouts. The Animated Corporate Design PowerPoint Template is one such template that offers more than a dozen customizable corporate design presentation slides.

Animated Corporate Design Slides

With replaceable slide elements and pre-defined animations, this template can help you create an animated corporate slide deck in very little time.

You can start with the title slide which comes with a replaceable image, followed by slides to introduce your company, vision, team, projects, etc. The slides are generic in nature and easy to modify and repurpose for various topics.

Modify Slides to Create Different Layouts

With the generic layouts, you can create comparisons, infographics, timelines, and other types of slides by editing the placeholders, replacing the images, and adding additional content. This can also be your go-to slide deck for creating corporate presentations by modifying the sample layouts according to need.

There are also very specific slides suitable for making infographics, timelines, and other types of slides for visual aid. These slides come with separatable slide objects that make them easier to modify and customize.

Change Color and Style of Slide Objects

You can also change the color of the slide via the design tab to match your corporate colors. You can also modify the colors of specific slide objects by selecting them and picking a desired color and style from Shape Format. Since this template has been created with various editable slide elements in each slide, you can customize the slides quite comprehensively to match your branding requirements.

You can download this template and explore thousands of other animated premium templates from the Presenter Media link given below.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Corporate Design PowerPoint Template

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