Useful Bubbles Shapes For PowerPoint Presentations

Using bubble shapes or speech bubbles can in PowerPoint can be an interesting method to bring your presentations to life. Using such expressions can help you create a comic book like feel for your presentation slides, as well as enable you to add a touch of humor.

Create Your Expressions PowerPoint Template

One of the best resources for making comic book like presentations is to use the Create Your Expressions PowerPoint Template. This template not only provides clipart for speech bubbles but also offers various editable scenes where you can add custom text in the given speech bubbles to create a storyboard in PowerPoint. This storyboard can be created using sample slides in this template with different scenes, as well as by arranging the given clipart items for individual characters and speech bubbles.

Go to Presenter Media – Create Your Expressions PowerPoint Template

Animated Expression Slide

Double Bubble Expression Clipart

This is a clipart image of a double chat bubble that can be easily inserted in presentations with custom text. Just download the clipart in a desired size and add a text box in the bubble (via Insert-> Text Box) to create your own speech bubble in PowerPoint or text bubbles. You can place this clipart next to a character to create a storyboard style presentation.

Go to Presenter Media – Double Bubble Expression Clipart

Double Bubble Expression

Splat Point Expression Clipart

You must have seen the splat image in comic books and in cartoons; which signifies a crash, explosion or fight. You can use the Splat Point Expression Clipart in your presentations to add the same kind of effect.

Go to Presenter Media – Splat Point Expression Clipart

Splat Point Expression

Right Angle Expression Clipart

This is another clipart with a chat expression that can be used in presentations with a custom textbox.

Go to Presenter Media – Right Angle Expression Clipart

Right Angle Expression

Bubble Pin Pop Clipart

This is quite an interesting clipart that can be applied across slides with some creativity. The clipart can be used for showing a bursting bubble which can be symbolic for anything from a stock exchange crash, bursting of the housing bubble or something humorous in the form of a comic book like scene.

Go to Presenter Media – Bubble Pin Pop Clipart

Bubble Pin Pop

Chalkboard Call Out Text Bubble With Custom Text

This clipart can be easily customized from the developer’s website (see link given below). You can add your custom text in the given textboxes and generate a clipart image of a chalkboard with your added text.

Go to Presenter Media – Chalkboard Call Out Text Bubble With Custom Text

Chalkboard Call Out Text Bubble Clipart

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