Musical Curves PowerPoint Template

Music is a universal language. It is through music that you can best express emotions, ideas, and creativity. It goes beyond borders and cultures, and transcends differences. So if you want to express something in your presentation, what best way than to use music?


The Musical Curves PowerPoint Template is a music-inspired template that features the image of a piano in the whole slide. The black and white keys dominate the upper half of the slide, while the black overlay below is separated by blue curved lines. Here in the lower half of the template is where you can type your presentation title and subtitle.

Elegant Piano-Themed Slides

For the inside slides, you can choose from a wide variety of layout options. These layouts allow you to easily create different slides and present your information in many ways, adding tables, charts, graphs, diagrams, images, and more. There is also a blank slide that allows you the versatility to create your own layouts while still retaining the same theme.

The inside slides also retain the same theme as the title slide, making your whole presentation cohesive and professional. These slides have the same color scheme of light and dark blue, black, and white.

You can rearrange the preset slides, duplicate, delete, or modify them. The template offers plenty of personalization options, especially if you want to showcase your brand. You can add your company logo and slogan, as well as add headers and footers to make the template your own.


Create Presentations On-the-Go

You can upload or save this template to your OneDrive account so you can easily access and modify it wherever you are, using your mobile devices or computer. This is very convenient so you can work on any musical themed presentation project even when you are not on your desk. This is also perfect for those who are always on the road or on the go.


This template can be used in the music industry or by music teachers, as well as students studying music, particularly piano.

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