PowerPoint Template

Anniversary Banner PowerPoint Template


Anniversaries, whether of a wedding or a business, mark a very special and important milestone in the lives of people or companies. It is celebrated by everyone involved, whether by the couple or the employees, as a way to look back on beginnings and to look forward to the future.

Adjacency PowerPoint Template

beautiful-and-modern-adjacency-powerpoint template

A clean and fuss-free PowerPoint template evokes confidence and professionalism. So if you are on a look-out for something that will make your presentation catch everyone’s attention, you can use this Adjacency PowerPoint Template.

Animated Champagne PowerPoint Template With Bubbles

Animated and Celebration-Themed PowerPoint Template

Champagne Bubbles Celebration is an animated template that shows different sized golden and shiny champagne bubbles floating across the slide. This slide is available for PowerPoint for Mac and PC and can be used for presentations relating to celebrations, occasions, victories, parties, milestones and such.