Animated Certificate PowerPoint Template

We have previously brought you a number of certificate templates for designing printable certificates using Office applications. Certificate templates help easily create printable certificates without the need for use of sophisticated graphic design software. The Animated Certificate PowerPoint Template is another such template. You can use this PowerPoint template for making printable certificates or even entire presentations.

certificate powerpoint template

Create Certificates or Presentations

This animated certificate template provides animated sample slides with space for adding your own logo, certificate title, name of the one receiving the certificate, main body text and space for adding a name for the one signing the certificate.

Editable Certificate Layouts

You can also add or remove sections according to need. the slide objects in this template are easy to edit and you can also change the colors of the template or reshape the entire sample layouts.

Create Any Kind of Certificate

This template can be used for designing all types of certificates. The seven sample slides are completely generic. You can use these layouts for making anything from a certificate of excellence, a school certificate, or even a certificate for an employee, volunteer, etc.

Make a Slide Deck with Certificate Themed Layouts

As mentioned earlier, you can also use this template for designing certificate themed presentations. In such a case you can use the layouts for showcasing the names of individuals who have achieved something extraordinary. Similarly, you can use the layouts for designing a presentation about success, achievements, perseverance, hard work, etc.

You can download this animated certificate template for PowerPoint and Keynote. The Keynote version is only available for the Standard edition. The PowerPoint version of this template is compatible with all recent editions of PowerPoint for Windows and Mac.

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