Animated Brazil PowerPoint Template

There are many flag PowerPoint templates provided by a number of template providers. And perhaps one of the most famous flags for presenters is that of Brazil. If you’re not Brazilian and wondering why that might be; a single word might enlighten you, football. But it’s not just soccer that rules the hearts of Brazilian fans the world over, as Brazil has one of the world’s most beautiful sites, tasty fruits and other good things. Not to mention my personal favourite, ‘Capoeira’, which I’m sure most people reading this will have no idea about!

Animated Brazil Themed PowerPoint Template

If for some reason you need to make a presentation about Brazil, Brazilian Flag Wave is an awesome template to make your task easier.

Animated Brazil PowerPoint template

This Animated Brazil PowerPoint Template by Presenter Media provides 21 slides with sample layouts containing the Brazilian flag and map, with stick figure characters. The title slide depicts an animation of a Brazilian flag fluttering in the wind.

Brazil template for PowerPoint

Charts, Maps, Diagrams & Clipart

There are a number of useful sample slides which contain diagrams, charts, maps and clipart that you can use for making your slides. Of course, all these resources come with a Brazil centered theme.

Pie chart with Brazil flag

The layouts can be used for incorporating all kinds of content, ranging from picture layouts to text-heavy or data driven content. This template basically acts as a blueprint upon which you can build your presentation.

Brazil flag diagram

Unfortunately, the template has very little content specific to Brazilian football, however, you can always download soccer related clipart, videos and templates from Presenter Media. In fact, you can check out these Soccer PowerPoint Templates & Clipart for your presentations.

Brazil clipart

This animated Brazil template for PowerPoint comes in Widescreen and Standard format for PowerPoint 2010-2016 editions for PC, as well as for recent PowerPoint editions for Mac.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Brazil PowerPoint Template (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Brazil PowerPoint Template (Widescreen)

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