A Review Of Exchange Server 2013

Developed by Microsoft Corporation, Exchange Server is a contact manager, calendaring software and a mail server. It is a significant part of the Microsoft line of products and runs on Windows Server. It offers several enhancements for recovery, availability and redundancy. Not just this, it gives a plenty of new features and improvements on current features that are familiar to those who have worked with Exchange Server 2010.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 is a messaging platform that provides tools, scheduling and email for custom collaboration apps and messaging service. It offers services, features and a rich set of technologies to the Exchange Server product line. Here are some of the new functionalities and features of this amazing platform:

Anti-Malware Protection

The excellent malware filtering capability of Exchange 2013 enables your network from malicious software spreading through email messages. In case, if the malware is detected, the message will be deleted subsequently. When an infected message is not delivered, notifications can be sent to the administrators.

Always On

When you remain in control, Exchange Server 2013 helps to make sure your communications are available when required. By using less expensive and larger disks, it helps in reducing storage costs. A built in managed availability and monitoring solution gives self-healing features so as to make a recovery from failures.

Session Indifference

In Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, the mailbox components and client access stays on the identical mailbox server and no session affinity is needed at the Client Access servers. This further enables inbound connections to Client Access servers to be balanced using the best techniques provided by balancing technology such as: least connection and round-robin.

Simple To Maintain and Deploy

Exchange Server 2013 helps in decreasing the amount of time spent managing your messaging systems. It allows managing your organization efficiently with an easy to use web based interface and with the Exchange Administration Center. Not just this, it simplifies deployment with custom instructions for upgrading or installing to exchange.

Batch Mailbox Moves

The new move architecture is designed on top of mailbox replication service (MRS) moves with progressed management capability. The features comprises of prioritization of moves, automotive retry, email notification during move with reporting and capability to move multiple mailboxes in large batches.

Compliant And Secure

The server boasts an excellent compliant and security features. It keeps all your important data in one place by providing users with an In-Place Archive with a well integrated user and native experience. Its Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities prevent users from wrongly sending sensitive information to unauthorized people while making them aware of internal compliance policies.

With so many amazing features of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, no doubt it can be quite useful for enterprise users for managing their own mailboxes in a secure environment.

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