9 Ways to View a PowerPoint Presentation on iPad

Ways to Open PowerPoint Presentations on Ipad

Can’t View PowerPoint presentation files on your iPad? It’s true that Apple devices do not support Microsoft PPT. However, there is good news for you now, now with the help of 7 Ways to View a PowerPoint Presentation on iPad help you make available PowerPoint projects for your clients.

Below are 7 ways that will help you to play your PowerPoint Presentation project on iPad.

1. Turn your PowerPoint Slides into Pictures

By converting PPT into picture is a great idea as it enables you to see your slides as a set of picture in your iPad. You can view your PowerPoint presentations on iPad by converting slides to images. Its supports different popular image formats such as BMP, JPG, PNG and GIF. It is good if your presentation slides are mostly in tables, photos or charts. You can now convert your PPT into one of the above mentioned image format with the help of below mentioned steps:

  • First open PowerPoint slideshow
  • Convert the presentation slides: File > Save As…
  • While saving the file select the ‘Save as type”, and choose image format “*.jpg”.
  • Choose to export “Every Slide”.

That’s it. You are done. Now you will be able to see your PPT images on ipad.

2. Open Up Your Presentation file Applying Keynote

Using i Tunes, once you transfer your PowerPoint presentation files to your ipad, after that you can then easily open the PowerPoint file using Keynote if it’s installed in your ipad. After you import them, you will see dome dialogs boxes with various features like transitions and animations that may not support Keynote, but by clicking on ‘Done’ you can get rid of them. Further on, this will allow you to edit and view Presentations on ipad very easily.

3. Watch PowerPoint Presentations on iPad Through Presentation Sharing Sites

There are some various Presentation sharing sites which feature compatibility for the ipad such as: DocStoc.com and authorsSTREAM.com. For example, the authorsSTREAM.com is a free web based platform that allows you to upload your PowerPoint slideshow and so you can easily view your Presentation that converted into the ipad compatible format. No doubt, this is quite a good way for Presentations that are larger than 50,000 KB.

4. See PowerPoint Slides On iPad like PDF file

If you only care about the graphic content of your Presentation, it is the best way to view your PPT on ipad that helps you read PDF files w with applications such as: Easy PDF and CloudReaders. They are extensively designed for ipads and you can also use special software as well. You may use the latest PowerPoint versions PPT 2013, PPT 2010 and PPT 2007 to create a PDF copy of your PowerPoint slides.

5. Use iWork Keynote for iPad

Another way to view your PowerPoint presentations on iPad is converting the slides to Keynote presentation and then use the official iWork Keynote on iPad. You can learn more about Keynote for iPad here.

6. Commute PPT Slide into iPad video format

By converting the PowerPoint slides to video formats, whenever you want and wherever you go, you can watch over the PowerPoint slides on your ipad since this device has wonderful playback features. You can simply convert the PowerPoint to ipad video format by importing PowerPoint files followed by choosing an output video format. Finally, you can view the slide on your ipad and certainly, you will love it.

7. Transfer Presentation to YouTube for ipad

YouTube accepts WMV, AVI, FLV and MP4 video formats only. So, at first you need to convert PowerPoint to video and easily helps in sharing PowerPoint Presentations with the large number of people who possess this high tech device called ipad.

8. Use a PowerPoint Hosting service like SlideOnline

SlideOnline is a free hosting service for PowerPoint presentations that you can use to host your slides online and then play the slide show on smartphones or tablets.

9. Change Over PowerPoint to HTML5 with iSpring Pro

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With iSpring Pro, you can convert PowerPoint Presentations to HTML5 which is an ultramodern technology and various web browsers may support it’s features with minor differences.  Undoubtedly, Presentations in HTML5 can be simply placed on a web page and may be delivered to populace via ipad and other devices. HTML5 files have integrated protection options as well which safeguard your content from unauthorized copying and so you don’t have to worry about copy aspect.

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