6 Presentation Barriers and How to Avoid them

PowerPoint presentations have turned out to as one of the most ubiquitous tools for presenting your ideas or thoughts on a particular topic. At times, delivering a simple PowerPoint presentation before a live audience can be overwhelming.

Generally, people get baffled up due to which they end up making a lot of mess with their presentation. Many of you might have encountered such a situation in your personal life as well.

Don’t worry. Coming section is aimed at providing a brief detail about some of the common presentation barriers as well as tips to overcome through such situations.

1. Overloading slides with excess of information

It is advised not to overload your slides with excess of information about a particular topic, as it may confuse the audience instead of proving to be beneficial for them. Adding too many examples or case studies will hamper your presentation.

Solution: Circumvent overcrowding of slides with excessive information.

2. Unnecessary usage of slides

Remember, overloading slides with excessive information as well as overloading presentation with excessive slides are two different parameters. If you add surplus slides, it is possible that viewers lose interest in the presentation as they feel it bulky.

Solution: Do not include unnecessary slides or it may divert attention and focus of your listen.

3.  Insufficient knowledge about audience

Normally, presenters do not bother about the audience attending their seminar and prepare a presentation without focusing on this aspect.

Solution: Main motive of a presentation is to grab audience’s attention. Therefore, to capture maximum attention or focus of viewers, presenter must be aware about the level of audience for whom the presentation is being oriented.

4. Voice pitch

Many individuals use singular voice pitch throughout their presentation. This can hamper their presentation skills. Usually, presenters forget to change the level of their pitch leading to involvement of monotony in their presentation. You can also read our article on how to improve your presentation skills with useful tips.

Solution: Try to maintain height of voice that is clearly audible to listeners attending your seminar regardless of the seat occupied by them. If you aim to maintain a constant interest of the listeners, then changing rank of pitch according to the requirement gets important.

5. Using complicated graphics

Sometimes, in order to make a presentation more attractive, we end up with adding some complicated graphics into it which ultimately makes it shabby and vague.

Solution: Avoid using complicated graphics and designs as far as possible.

6. Aggrandizement of special effects

Special effects include animation like bells, whistles etc. they may ruin your ability to present well in-front of the spectators. Excess effects will divert attention of presenters as well as viewers.

Solution: Do not add flying text or overload slides with builds.

Finally, note that an effective presentation should be Clear, Concise and consciously delivered.

Follow these tips and will make you ready for delivering an effective presentation aimed at conveying your message clearly amongst the audience attending it.

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