18 Tips to Improve your Presentation Skills to Make Brilliant Presentations

Last updated on April 19th, 2023

18 Tips to Improve your Presentation Skills

Astounding fact has been revealed by studies regarding fear among people for public speaking. Being an orator or mediator you must possess that confidence which could make you stand firmly in front of audience. You must have come across some people who call practice of giving presentations as a foremost tool to deliver best presentation but along with that presentation skills must be there in you.

The best start can simply result an amazing presentation. Here are some key tips to sharpen your presentation skills by which you will not only become confident but you will become competent also. You can use these presentation tips even if you are not doing a presentation using PowerPoint, since the following presentation tips are also useful for public speaking without a projector.

1. Eye contact

Throughout your presentation you must have an eye contact with every person so that you could deliver your message persuasively to every one.

2. Be Entertaining

To grab audience attention, your speech should be informative and interesting, so instead of reciting dry facts try to add humor in your presentation. But, try not to be funny at serious matters. Also, using some catchy images and presentation templates with awesome backgrounds can help to capture the audience attention. Check out some of our free presentation templates to find good slides compatible with PowerPoint.

3. 10-20-30 Rule for presentations

The 10 20 30 rule for presentations means your presentation should not exceed 10 slides and duration more than 20 minutes also not less than 30 point font. These collectively make your presentation precise and effective.

4. Slow down

Generally, due to nervousness people try to complete their speech in rush. So, it is advisable to consciously control your speed and give appropriate pauses.

5. 15-word summary

Filter 15 key words of your presentation and repeat these to communicate your message well.

6. 20-20 Rule for presentations

Another rule for slideshow, according to which you can have 20 slides for the duration of 20 seconds, this will keep your presentation precise. You can learn more about 20-20 rule in our past article. There is another rule named 20-20-20 rule that is a variant of this, known as 20-20-20 rule (Less / Slower / Louder).

7. Don’t read your presentation

Avoid reading slides while giving presentation as it can distract audience attention from your speech.

8. Project your voice

You must be clearly audible to every one, for this you need to project your voice. Yes, pitch of your voice should possess required variations and pauses.

9. Speeches are about stories

If your presentation is going to exceed try cover up points by correlating it with stories. Moreover, speaker should have this art of creating stories instantly. Learn more about persuasive speeches here.

10. Don’t plan gestures

It is advisable not to make gestures because sometimes it looks odd and perhaps matches your message.

11. Appreciate queries

Instead of creating sounds like “umm…”, “ah…” and all that while handling query, try to appreciate all query by using phrases like ‘very good question’ , ‘thank you for query’ all these can give you a moment to gather the answer for the asked question and viewers will never come to know about your trick!!

12. Inhale and Exhale

Avoid creating unwanted sounds or repetition of word ‘you know’ instead of this you can take long breathe. Undoubtedly, looks awkward but will be hardly noticed by anyone.

13. Reach venue before time

Setting projector and other preparations are not accepted when people are waiting for you to speak. So, it important to reach venue before time and make required alterations and this can curb your anxiety to a great extent.

14. Practice, Practice, Practice

Practicing in front of mirror or audience can make you a strong competent and will also boost up your confidence.

15. Don’t apologize unnecessarily

It is not advisable to apologize for the things like, for getting nervous while delivering speech, for lacking in preparation or for getting anxious, it looks awkward. Your attitude means a lot, be confident in front of the audience.

16.  Apologize where required

Only Apologize if you have reached late or you have made any considerable mistake, otherwise it is not required for being humble.

17. Have fun

Practice to inject passion and enthusiasm in your presentation to make it interesting and lively

18. Consider yourself as audience

While making presentation, think according to the audience point of view. Use what Is In IT for Me approach to collect the material.

So, these tips can help you in a great way to make your presentation killer in actual!

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