Animated Footage for PowerPoint Presentations

If you need to add animated footage to your PowerPoint presentations then there are many different resources when you can purchase these awesome animations and slides.

A Luna Blue es one of the resources where you can purchase animated footage or digital animations for your PowerPoint presentations.

You can access to images and sequences. with beautiful, strange, useful, odd, royalty free; perfect for your broadcast, desktop video, advertising and the Internet.

Every clip is available individually or as part of a collection and available for immediate download worldwide. You can download footage templates in different formats for example HD, NTSC, PAL and as a Windows Movie file WMV.

The collection includes royalty free animations with unlimited use. If you are looking for high definition royalty free footage including PowerPoint Backgrounds, Clouds, Globes, Nature, Space, Time Lapse, Travel and Worship then ALunaBlue can be a good resource. Aside of topic specific footage you can also access tons of abstract backgrounds and abstract footage for PowerPoint presentations. A Luna Blue also have other great type of resources in 3D for example the content under Stereoscopic 3D with 3D fonts and logos.

The list of clients include world’s leading film and television producers, online publishers, and corporations like ABC, Apple, Boeing, CBS, CNN, Discovery Channel, FOX, HBO, Intel, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, MTV, NBC, Neiman Marcus, Playboy, Sony and Warner Brothers.

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