5 Creative Presentation Methods To Create Awesome Presentations

Presentations are no longer limited to static PowerPoint slides as there have been many new and interesting methods introduced in recent years that can be used for making your presentations more effective. While presentation skills are definitely a plus point when one requires presenting financially lucrative content like a sales demo, presentation skills alone are not always enough. Below are five creative presentation methods that you can use to deliver an effective presentation.

5 Creative Presentation Methods That Can Make You A Great Presenter

Broadcast A Live PowerPoint Presentation Online

Many people are unaware of the fact that broadcasting your presentation online is possible using the Office Presentation Service. This service allows presenting your presentation live via a direct link which can be used by your audience to view the proceeding of your presentation on any device, even smartphones and tablets. To find out how to broadcast your live presentation, refer to this link: Present Live PowerPoint Presentations Online With Office Presentation Service.

Live PowerPoint Presentation Online

Create Animated Presentations

Animations are always more eye-catching than static slides. Using animations in your presentations can help you make a convincing case with the help of humor, charts, video animations and animated clipart. While making animated presentations on your own isn’t easy, you can make use of animated keynote and PowerPoint Templates to get the job done. To download readymade animated templates, see the link given below.

Go to Download Animated Templates (PowerPoint And Keynote)


Make Presentations Using Prezi

Prezi is fast becoming a famous method for creating presentations with a zooming UI. Presentations made using Prezi can not only be presented offline, but you can also upload them to display the presentation via a browser using any device, like a smartphone, tablet or even using a laptop or desktop computer. Presentations made using Prezi can be specially advantageous when one is exploring sales presentation methods or when delivering presentation training, as in both these scenarios the audience can find the presentation more visually appealing and this can help get your message across more effectively. You can find all about Prezi via the links given below.

Go to Prezi (Review)

Go to Prezi (Tutorials And Tips)


Use Animated Video Backgrounds

Among the best alternative presentation methods that you can use is the customization of editable video backgrounds. For this purpose, you can download various video backgrounds provided by Presenter Media. These animated video backgrounds come in the form of video or PowerPoint files and you can manipulate them to add your own logo, text and images to make amazing presentations with video animations.

Go to Download Animated Video Backgrounds (For Presentations)


Create Video Presentations

One of the most effective and novel method among the new presentation methods includes video presentations. These can be quite helpful in sharing the utility of your product or service and can even be used for live sales demos where you may be interested in presenting some details of the product or service, before putting your oral presentation skills to work. This is also among the most interesting presentation methods and is easier to make use of then you might think. If you are wondering how to start a presentation of this kind, then you should check out screencast tools and web apps like Camtasia Studio, PowToon or by converting your PowerPoint presentation to video format.

Go to Video Presentation Tools And Tutorials


Whether you require training presentation ideas for your students or wish to put those good presentation skills to use, the above mentioned ideas should help you deliver an effective presentation to help acquire desired results. If you know of a creative presentation idea that is not mentioned above, then share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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