Skills Presentation

Skills Presentation are such kind of presentations that you make in order to explain what are your skills or areas of expertise.

Depending your field, skills presentations may vary in the content and the way you show and explain the information (for example, business presentation skills).

Before creating your skills presentation, we would recommend to create a list of skills you want to explain in the presentation. Once you have a complete list of skills, you will be able to add content to a Powerpoint presentation or any kind of presentation you want to use.

Then, once you have the list of your skills, we would recommend you to start a draft presentation, for example using Microsoft Powerpoint and go ahead copying the list items into new slides. If you use Microsoft Powerpoint, you can seek for a free powerpoint template in our gallery.

A new slide for each skill would be enough. Remember not to put all the content in the same slide, you can spread the skills in multiple slides and focus your conversation about one specific skill at once. That would depend about how many minutes you feel you have for the presentation, but usually 1-2 minute per slide is much than enough.

So, once you have a draft presentation, then you go ahead and start reviewing the content to create your final version. You can start putting things on the right place. For this, you may create some new slides for describing a brief Introduction at the beginning, then a new slide summarizing the skills and one final slide with conclusions. Alternatively, you can create a new slide explaining your background and how did you apply your skills to previous works, here is when you explain how did you apply what you know in previous projects or job positions.

Before approve the final version remember to review it again from the beginning and you will have a structure similar like this:

  • Introduction
  • Summarize Skills
  • Skill 1
  • Skill 2
  • Background
  • Conclusions

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