Where to Find Online PowerPoints for Teachers

Presentations in PowerPoint are worldwide widely used by teachers and educators who need to teach on different subjects so it is very common to find this kind of presentations, .PPTs on the classrooms. If you need to download free Online PowerPoints for teachers including PowerPoint templates and backgrounds, but also interesting topics for PowerPoint presentations, then the list below can be very helpful to download free pre-made presentations or readymade presentations for teachers.

The resources below include presentations created by other teachers and shared online for the community, you can use services like Slide Online, AuthorStream or even SlideShare to share the presentations but also make them available for download from websites that are based on WordPress like a blog or any other webpage. Some educators like to share their own presentations and you can put them in a class blog or website for student access.

Elaborating the best list of PowerPoint presentations for teachers is not a simple task, but you are welcome to contribute with your own suggestions and we will add them to the list.

1. Pete’s PowerPoint Station

Pete’s PowerPoint includes a collection of free presentations in PowerPoint format that are very useful for K-12 Teachers and Students. The domain name may be very familiar since this website is online for long time ago under the short domain pppst.com (which stands to Pete’s PowerPoint Station clearly).

2. World of Teaching

It is a big resource where you can find free PPT and PowerPoints published by educators and teachers. You can find PPTs submitted by teachers that includes topics like History of Plants and Pathology lectures, Bacteria, Cholera, Protists, Virus Measles, Logarithmic functions, FEARS, Hobbies and so on. Also you can filter to find results by topic, including Maths, Lectures on Physics, Science, Classical Studies, Biology, Languages, Religion and more.

Learn more http://www.worldofteaching.com/index.html

3. Primary Resource

It is another free resource where you can find PPT for primary and elementary school. It is a very old site, primary Resources has been online since November 1998, so don’t be surprised to find PPTs that were created with PowerPoint 97 and 200. But you can easily open them in PowerPoint 2010 or modern versions of PowerPoint.

Learn more http://www.primaryresources.co.uk/

4. SlideHunter

SlideHunter is another free resource where you can find PowerPoint templates for teachers and business presentations. It contains more than 500 free PPT templates that you can freely download.

Learn more http://slidehunter.com/

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