What is the 5S Methodology

Last updated on December 27th, 2023

The 5S methodology towards creating a more focused and systematic flow of work has proved beneficial, ever since it was applied to enhance the Lean Manufacturing concept, which concentrates on augmenting competence and lowering wastage of resources.

What is the 5S Methodology

Originally a Japanese concept this has been profoundly applied in all sectors across the world. Here is an overview of this approach:


Go for only what is applicable and select an assigned location for
all the necessary stuffs so that they are available at hand whenever required.

This applies for all software arrangements as well as hard copies of files and documents, including the personnel hired.

Setting in order

Arranging the materials such that it is accessible according to necessity and also department wise.

This system needs to be reviewed from time to time so that it can be reorganized and the glitches removed.

Systematic cleaning

This is vital if you desire for a well-structured, uncluttered and exemplary work environment. It also attracts customers because of your unspotted nature.

Rearranging everything back to its old place is also a vital part of this procedure.


A customary and confirmed style should be applied across all departments as an insignia of equality. There should be a recognized and customary system applied across all levels for a systematic and procedural approach.


Moving ahead and adopting new ways is important. One needs to adopt to the contemporary ways and bring gradual changes in the system which allows them to get acquainted gradually.

There have been a few additions in the past, which are more or less an elaboration of the earlier ones:


Although this is a part of the above mentioned methodology but in recent times this has gained recognition with the labor laws gaining momentum.


Proper protection of man-force, documents and the shielding of your property both materialistic and intellectual, is crucial for the development of any business.


It is not only about client satisfaction but also employee contentment. It is a mutual process, if your workers are happy they will work in a way that your client will be pleased with your services. Hence maintaining this rhythm is important.

In the contemporary times these approaches find importance also because of the recognition of corporate responsibilities towards the society as much as its own development.

Therefore, applying this model in your working style will surely prove advantageous to your business growth too.

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