Webcast with PowerPoint 2010

Creating a webcast with PowerPoint 2010 is extremely easy using the broadcasting feature in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

webcast webinar

A webcast is an online transmission across the Internet of sound and images (as of an event) using the WWW or world wide web. A webcast fits perfectly for PowerPoint presentations where a presenter need to run a presentation to an audience that is distributed online. The term webcast is based on web + broadcast.

If we want to create a webcast or presentation broadcast in PowerPoint 2010 then we’d need to open our presentation and then choose Broadcast Online. This feature can be used to host a presentation and works uploading a PowerPoint PPT presentation to Office Web Apps (cloud version of Office suite that is accessible also using Hotmail.com).

Running a webcast can be achieved in a few steps.

First, we’d need to create a PowerPoint presentation. If we don’t have a presentation yet we can start using any of our free PowerPoint templates or just a blank presentation.

Then you’d need to prepare your presentation content. Accordingly to connectingdots, there are some recommendations about how to prepare a webcast and prevent PPT overload. They recommend to:

  1. Write a script
  2. Storyboard the script
  3. Produce the script in an engaging fashion
Once you are ready to run and host your webcast, you can run the broadcast feature in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

Then we need to click on File -> Save & Send -> Broadcast Slide Show.

Afterward, click on Broadcast Slide Show button.

You will receive a link to start running the presentation webcast. This is great for online presentations and host a webinar with PowerPoint.