Vooks: Stream Animated Storybooks with Narrations

Back in the day teachers used to provide children with books, before PowerPoint presentations and digital content replaced conventional storytelling. Vooks through its curated library and book streaming service has been trying to maintain the balance between the two. Vooks aims to enrich the book reading experience for children through its book streaming platform that comes with animations and narrations to keep students engaged.

Vooks for Families and Teachers

Vooks is available for both families and teachers, with accounts for teachers. Using Vooks, you can search through a wide range of streaming books to play for your audience. Whether you’re a parent or teacher, Vooks offers a variety of books ranging from pre-school children to 3rd grade.

Enhance Children’s Vocabulary, Comprehension, and Language Development

You can pick from a range of storybooks to stream through Vooks with different learning outcomes in mind. These animated storybooks can help children promote language development, enhance vocabulary and comprehension, and teach new things.

Lesson Plans to Aid Learning

Videos at Vooks also come with lesson plans to further aid learning in children. These include story summaries, activity ideas, and questions to ask children to gauge their learning regarding the videos they watch.

Available Online and for Mobile Devices

Vooks can be accessed from anywhere using a web browser. You can also download Vooks for Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, the Vooks YouTube channel has a ton of fun resources to keep children engaged.

How to Use a Vooks Lesson Plan

You can learn about how to use Vooks to teach children from this introductory video by the developer.

Remote Learning with Vooks

Vooks also aids teachers in teaching remotely, with support for Zoom and Google Hangouts. You can use Vooks at home, as you stream your lessons using the screen share option for your remote meeting app. This can be particularly useful for distance learning initiatives, and for remote learning classes that have become more common due to COVID-19.

You can get started with Vooks with a 7-day free trial or get a new teacher account for free.

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