Animated Revel Star PowerPoint Template

In previous posts, we provided you with reviews of space themed presentation templates and video backgrounds for PowerPoint, including the Space & Exploration PowerPoint Template and Space Video Background for PowerPoint. Animated Revel Star PowerPoint Template is an animated template that comes with shapes and symbols with a dark background, accompanied by a white layout to allow presenters to choose between a dark and light theme.

Dark and Light Theme

This template resonates space themed layouts with its dark version, whereas the light version with a white background gives a unique look to content slides. You can use one or both versions of the theme to suit your needs.

The editable shapes in the template are background elements to help make the template a bit more lively, while remaining unobtrusive and subtle. You can also move around these elements or remove or duplicate them according to need.

Variety of Animated Layouts

There are a number of handy layouts offered by this template, with replaceable images and slide elements. You can create lists, add charts, make timelines and comparisons by editing the given slides.

Design with Your Preffered Theme Type

There are 10 slides in this template, with scope for editing the available slides extensively. You can also make changes to the default colors for sample slides from the Design tab in PowerPoint. The template provides a copy of most of the slides with both a dark and white theme. You can design your slides in your preferred theme by choosing between the white or dark theme.

You can preview the dark and light slides for this template from the product page link given below. This is a premium template that comes with PresenterMedia subscription that gives access to thousands of animated PowerPoint templates, HD video backgrounds, clipart, and animations.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Revel Star PowerPoint Template

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