5 Whys in PowerPoint Presentation

In order to get to the root cause of a problem quickly, the 5 Whys is a simple problem solving method that guides you to the true consequence of your trouble. No doubt, it can be very efficient, especially when your concerns include interaction and human factors.

5 Whys

For discovering the source of a problem, this is an effective tool which you can easily apply and learn. Not just this, it identifies areas of weakness and reduces cost as well. Mainly, this process is repeated five times and can be easily used in day to day life. You can use these techniques not only for different business situations but also for presentations in PowerPoint while you are editing your slides and need to decide if you put or not a slide. You can ask yourself five times why should I use this slide?

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There are some steps included in the completion of this technique 5Whys which are here as under:

  • Write down the issues you have been facing and describe it completely. All this will help you formalize the concerns in a significant manner.
  • Below the problem, jot down the reasons of the occurrence of an issue. Why this situation has occurred?
  • Now, when you are not able to analyze the root cause of a problem, then repeat the process and then again write down the answer. It will really help a lot in brainstorming exercise as well.
  • If the source of issue has been identified by the team, then it’s great but if not, then gets back to above step again. This will continue to go on like this.

For example: when the life is not working according to your requirements, then a question can be easily framed, why are you low on money? Here is the 5Whys analysis:

  • Why do I spend more than I can earn?
  • Since, it makes me feel special and I feel good about it. Why?
  • Because, without new things in my life, people just don’t count me into the category of special ones. Why?
  • As, there is a lack of acceptance from other people and thereby enough attention is not given to me. Why?
  • Because, there is a dearth of supportive human beings on this planet earth.

Henceforth, you can easily use this method to figure out the problems. Further on, it will help you to uncover the ways to ease your issues and clarify your mission and vision.

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When it comes to talk about its important in various businesses, well it has turned out to be worth thousands of dollars. Certainly, the implementation of this technique going to be fruitful for any organization structure.

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