Animated Guide the Way PowerPoint Template

A lighthouse depicted in presentations can be a good visual indicator of the presenter trying to lure the audience in a specific direction. In such a case you as a presenter can fashion your slides around a lighthouse illustration and make the most out of the illustration by adding a caption that suits your topics. We previously brought you the Animated Lighthouse PowerPoint Template, this time we have a similar template with lighthouse animations called Guide the Way PowerPoint Template.

Animated Guide the Way PowerPoint Template

Lighthouse Illustrations in Animated Slides

The template provides lighthouse animations with animated slides. The slides come with animations and transitions that have been pre-configured beforehand. Anything you add will be played with these animations and transitions, making it simple for you to generate animated slides by merely adding content to your slides.

Lighthouse Illustration with Infographic Placeholders

Suitable for a Number of Presentation Topics

You can use this template for a number of topics such as career coaching, organizational policies, business plans, maritime laws, for highlighting the dangers of a policy, SWOT analysis, etc.  The point is that the general-purpose slides in this template can be used for a variety of presentation topics and you can customize the existing sample slides according to need.

Lighthouse Infographics for PowerPoint

Animated Timelines & Infographics

You can create animated content slides, timelines, project frameworks, comparisons, infographics, and other types of custom slides by customizing the available layouts. The template contains editable slide elements which can be a blessing for PowerPoint users.

Lighthouse Timeline

You can edit any slide object by simply selecting it and using the Ribbon menu tools like the PowerPoint Drawing Tools. The objects can be resized, dragged for repositioning and you can even change their colors.

Searching for the Way

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