Two Weeks Notice Letters (3 Samples)

Last updated on May 6th, 2024

Two Weeks Notice Letters (3 Samples)

Preparing a two weeks notice letter in good terms can help you to leave your job gracefully, and it is a recommended practice if you ware planning to quit your job without affecting your reputation as an employee. Here we will show you some samples of Two Weeks Notice letters that you can use.

As an employee, you have no obligation to provide a two weeks notice of resignation unless there is a special clause in in your job contract or working in a state that follows the Employment At-Will principle. Said that, you may just leave the company at any time by sending an immediate resignation letter, however this practice is not recommended as it can affect your reputation, burn a door of re-employment and withdraw yourself from future benefits. Here are two samples for Two Weeks Notice Letters templates for Word (Jessica and Peter) who are interested to quit their jobs looking for new opportunities.

Sample 1 – Two Weeks Notice Letter Template

Example of Two Weeks Notice Letters for Word

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Clicking the link below you can open the sample letter template in Word online and create your own customized version with your own name, company name and position. Please remember to change the date accordingly.

Sample 2 – Two Weeks Notice of Resignation Letter Template

Example of Two Weeks Notice Letters for Word

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How to edit your own two week notice letter? You can open the free templates in Word online and then create a copy to a new document. Make sure to edit the text placeholders and adapt the content to your own situation. Here you can see a preview of the document in OneDrive.

Sample 3 – Preparing a Two Weeks Notice Letter with ChatGPT

If you want to prepare a two weeks notice letter with the help of LLMs or AI, here is a starting prompt template you can use.

Prompt Template:

Please help to prepare a two-week resignation notice letter. This will be sent to ACME Inc.
The tone of the writing must be professional and educated. Explain it is a personal decision.

The resulting output will include a professionally toned resignation letter for your notice period at ACME Inc.

Preparing a Two Weeks Notice Letter with ChatGPT with text generated by AI
Exmaple of Two Weeks Notice Letter generated with ChatGPT

So, preparing a 2 weeks notice letter of resignation in good terms can be win-win, for you and your employer while you don’t put your new job at risk or close the door for future job opportunities that will ask you for references from past employers (sample employer reference letters are suitable in this case).

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