Tips for Giving Presentations As A Duo

Giving out a PowerPoint Presentation before a bunch of people or huge crowds can be nerve wracking for anyone! For an independent, individual speaker it is still a game in hand if anything goes out of the rehearsed pattern in a situation, where for instance the speaker goes blank on what was to be said, he can handle the situation if he shows that presence of mind. But giving out a presentation as a team of two is a tougher job!

What Can Really Go Wrong as a Duo?

Giving a presentation as a duo may end up going horribly wrong if there isn’t a perfect equation between the two in terms of content of the presentation and of course the presence of mind to tackle a goof up on the partner’s part.

presentation as a duo

Can Giving Out Presentations as a Duo Really Work?

Well, it can indeed! A presentation given out by a duo can in fact be more fun and engaging to the audience, provided it is presented in a well organized way. Mentioned below are a few tips that if followed are sure to win you a huge round of applause, as a duo:

Firstly, know your forte; more importantly know your partner’s forte! This will enable you to understand each other’s weaknesses too. On grounds of this valuable information it is easier to divide the presentation content once it is prepared.

Secondly, do your homework. Identify the theme of the presentation and know what the audience would be keen on hearing and in what style.

Thirdly, gathering and organizing content. Being thorough with your homework will enable you to easily gather content from the right sources without any hassles. You must structure this content to follow a logical sequence such that it is easily understood by the audience.

Fourthly, know the content thoroughly to further distribute the individual roles. Even though you are not presenting the entire presentation, you must be familiar with all of it. In case your partner fumbles, you will be able to take hold of the role for you will be aware of it.

Fifthly, rehearse and rehearse to be perfect as a presenter, both as an individual and as a team! Remember, both the presenters must strike a balance, be it in terms of content matter, flow of the presentation or using mutual conversation to make the presentation more interesting.

Finally, lay special emphasis on preparing for the question and answer round. This part is crucial indeed! What is more important here that both the presenters must be equally participative in putting up questions and interacting with the audience as well as in answering to the queries put up by them.

Yes, getting it right is as simple as these six easy to follow tips! So go ahead, make the most out of these simple tips to give away a commendable presentation as a duo!

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