Things You Should Know About Google Now

For all those individuals, who are looking for ways to make their days more productive and efficient, Google Now is the perfect solution for them. Google Now is an amazing app that helps you to access the required information whenever you need it.

Google Now

Here is a list of some of the things that Google Now can do for you and make you more productive during your working and non-working hours:

Use With Android, iOS, Chrome, Google Glasses And SmartWatch

This wonderful application is not just for the Android, It is available on both The Google Play Store and iPhone App Store. Moreover, many iPhone users have found Google Now really helpful and productive. You can also use Google Now with a SmartWatch, Google Glasses or on your computer using Chrome.

Everything in Cards

Google Now Cards provide information with the help of cards. A card contains information about a specified category set. You can have a card for your favorite restaurants, upcoming events etc. They will provide necessary information and clickable links.

Location for Calendar Events

Do not forget to specify the location when adding an event to the Google calendar. This fantastic app will tell you when to leave your current location so as to reach the destination on time and is very helpful for the people who travel a lot & are constantly on the go.

Google Voice Commands

Making use of voice search enhances the use of Google Now. When you are using the Google Speak Now, you are learning the ways how to filter the information according to your requirements. The more you are using this app, the more you are discovering about it.

Get Data from Location

If security is not an important concern for you, then you can enable the Location and Google Search. This wonderful app allows you to pull data from your location. When using this app, you should always make sure that location is enabled by tapping on the Google Location Settings.

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