How to turn your Smartphone in a Webcam to Deliver Online Meetings and Presentations

You can start your meeting and presentations online. It’s easy now. Share presentation, make presentations and update spreadsheets—on your screen—anytime, with anyone, anywhere. It has turned easy with iWebcamera.

Meet online with partners, customers, and co-workers. Have the liberty to start online meeting instantly or plan your meetings in advance also invite individuals for conferencing. Share quality video for a great experience.

Get the iWebcamera online meeting and presentation experience on iPad, BlackBerry or iPhone, plus simultaneously take part in audio conferencing for better online presentations. By using a mobile browser you can attend iWebcamera meetings on even other 3G or Wi-Fi-enable devices – like smartphones and Android phones – HTC, Samsung, Nokia, and Motorola.

iWebcamera is pretty cheap and affordable at the price of $4.99 plus it has the ability to enable your iOS system to your computer system and perform like a webcam. It has a few designed drivers to capture the video from Smartphone and escalate it like a webcam on computer.

Turn your smartphone in a webcam

This app works with and OS X (greater or leopard) and Windows (greater or XP). And if you want to use it in Window then it will require.NET framework 3.5 plus it is quite easy to get a link from its website.

Bellow we will be discussing about its functioning:

  1. Just purchase iOS application from App Store.
  2. Download & install related drivers from official web site.
  3. Start the app on iPhone plus choose your preferred quality selections.
  4. Launch the app that you want to use the webcam.
  5. Choose iWebcamera like webcam interface.
  6. Now Enjoy.

That’s all! You have now turned your Smartphone into a webcam. However, this App is known the most wonderful and handy tool for all online presentations and meetings.

You can share information and ideas easily with iWebcamera, some of the benefits of featuring this app for achieving more in less time:Join online meetings easily.

  • Find all the features productive and dynamic interaction.
  • Join from any browser and have phone conferencing by minimizing costs or maximizing flexibility.
  • Share presentation, desktop or document with a single app.
  • Present your presentations full-screen.
  • Keep Record, edit, and meetings on track.
  • Bring your teams together.
  • Simply discuss and meet online, make out all the possible resolution.
  • Add a great face-to-face experience with high-quality video.

Join iWebcamera for meetings and presentations from Mac, Windows, Linux, and other iOS. Get all the features such voice conferencing, mobile access & online recording!

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