Family Feud PowerPoint Template

Last updated on November 2nd, 2023

Remember watching the original Family Feud Show? Some would argue that you have to be ancient to have seen that, nonetheless, if you are not as ancient as some of us born in the 70s or 80s, you might have caught the more recent versions of the show and might have even tried the game at home with family and friends. If you are looking for a method to bring the fun of the Family Feud Show to your home, then try the Family Feud PowerPoint Template.

Family Feud Template For PowerPoint

This premium Family Feud PowerPoint template is brought to you by a presentation template provider. If you are looking for free slides, we recommend to check out the Free Family Feud PowerPoint template instead. The free Family Feud PPT template includes some Family Feud backgrounds that you can use in your PowerPoint presentations. However, if you are looking to create an interactive Family Feud presentation, then the premium PPT template that we review in this article is the right choose.

Play Family Feud With Friends, Co-Workers And Family Members

Originally known as the Game Show Toolkit, this PowerPoint Template by Presenter Media has been designed in line with the Family Feud Game Show itself. Other than that, you can also use this template to create educational and Q&A presentations to engage your audience during webinars, company celebration events, team building sessions and even family reunions.

Family Freud PowerPoint Template
Example of Family Feud Template for PowerPoint Presentations

Editable Family Feud Game in PowerPoint with Interactive Template

This Family Feud PPT template is not only comprehensively editable but also provides interactive sample slides that can be edited out as per your convenience to create questions and answers. Furthermore, you can also change the appearance of the Family Feud boards by choosing a preferred color and size for your boards or by inserting items like clipart, images and videos. In fact, this is like a Family Feud board generator tool that you can use to represent the game in PowerPoint.

Edit Game Show Template - Family Feud Game in PowerPoint
Family Feud Game in PowerPoint

Reveal Answers After The Participant Replies in Family Feud PPT Template

After a participant has given an answer you can reveal the correct answer at the click of a button. This can help you acquire a game show like feel and turn your PC or Windows tablet into a game show board. There are obviously a lot of other ways by which you can make your presentations more fun, by connecting your PC or tablet to a monitor to turn it into a game show board.

PowerPoint Game Show Slide Show - Example of Family Feud PPT template game
Example of Family Feud PPT template game

How To Edit The Family Feud PowerPoint Template

As the sample slides are interactive, editing them isn’t all that hard. You can edit existing slides by following the instructions given in the below video.

This template works with any modern version of PowerPoint, including Microsoft 365 but also with backward compatibility with PowerPoint.

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