Download Microsoft Office Apps For iPad

After years of anticipation Microsoft has finally released Office apps for iPad, including PowerPoint, Word and Excel. But all isn’t milk and honey for iPad users. Let’s explore the capabilities and limitations of Office for iPad. Note: You can download MS Office apps for iPad from the links given at the end of this post.

How To Recover PowerPoint Presentation Files

Working on a PowerPoint presentation for hours, only to have your work ruined because of an electricity glitch or a wrong keystroke is the last thing you need. However, little do people know that there are various methods that can be used for not only preventing such a disaster but also to recover your PowerPoint …

A Comprehensive Review Of Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft Teases A Metro-Style Version Of Office For Windows 8.1

Developed by Microsoft, Windows 8 already comprises of more than 300 features that makes it appealing and interesting. The company has introduced major changes to the user interface and the operating system’s platform so as to enhance the user experience on several devices such as tablets and desktop PCs. The operating system was released to …

Microsoft Teases A Metro-Style Version Of Office For Windows 8.1

During the opening keynote of its Build 2013 developer conference, Microsoft has teased a version of office which is specifically designed for Windows 8.1, which will be available through the Windows Store. During a private session, Microsoft showed Metro Style Office interface running in Windows 8.

View, Edit And Share Presentations Online Using PowerPoint Web App

The PowerPoint Web App, (as the name suggests), is a web app by Microsoft to view and manage your presentations online. The advent of this online PowerPoint viewer meant that users finally had a viable alternative to Google Drive, which is known to ruin the look of uploaded PowerPoint files. It took Microsoft sometime to develop …

New Features Of Microsoft OneNote 2013

Microsoft’s digital notebook application (so to speak) known as OneNote has recently seen a new version in the wake of the release of Microsoft Office 2013 preview edition. For those of you who might not be acquainted with Microsoft One Note, it is used for storing, synchronizing and sharing information. With OneNote you can gather, … introducing new Metro interface plus 7Gb free space

Recently we learned about the new and the Metro interface. Today we can see that other related products like SkyDrive are also introducing the Metro interface. SkyDrive is the cloud storage service from Microsoft that offers free 7Gb. cloud storage space for their users. The interface allows to do all the operations available in …

Using SkyDrive to save your PowerPoint presentations in the cloud

SkyDrive is the cloud storage solution provided by Microsoft where you can save all your files and documents and make it accessible online anywhere, anytime. If you already have an account (or Windows Live or even account) then you automatically have access to your cloud storage space of SkyDrive. This free cloud storage service …