Animated Shapes of Rhythm PowerPoint Template

Last updated on September 22nd, 2023

One of the pillars of good design is the presence of rhythm. It doesn’t really mean musical rhythm, but the way movement is timed, or how objects are arranged in a way that creates a clean line of movement for the eye. The presence of rhythm in terms of design allows you to create a sensible composition and flow to various objects in an artwork or design. This principle of rhythm is what this next Presenter Media premium animated template is all about.

In this Animated Shapes of Rhythm PowerPoint Template, you can see a very artistic and creative premium PowerPoint template. It is versatile enough to be used in presentations across different fields or industries, and can also be used for various topics.

Animated Shapes Of Rhythm PowerPoint Template
Example of Shapes of Rhythm PowerPoint template with creative background design

Applying Principles of Design in PowerPoint Presentations

This is why Presenter Media is a popular choice among amateur and presenters alike. You can go to this portal and have a wide range of templates at your disposal, and you can be sure that your slideshow will always come out looking great.

In the Animated Shapes of Rhythm PowerPoint Template, the same can be said. This template features a very modern design across the slides, with the same shapes theme all throughout. The shapes have a minimalist design, which goes well with the beautiful background that features a woman standing behind a flock of flying birds. This image is neutral enough to go with almost any topic, but you can, of course, have the option to customize your own background image.

4 Point Slide - Slide layout to show four concepts or points in a slide
Slide layout to show four concepts or points in a slide

Beautifully Designed Slides with Coordinated Animations

The star of the slideshow, however, are the well-coordinated animations that capture the attention of your audience. The animations are subtle enough to not distract you or your audience from your topic. However, you can feel a sense of calm with how the shapes move all throughout the screen, slide after slide.

The template pack has different slide layouts, each with their own arrangement of perfectly cued animations. For example, the title slide itself has an animation that draws the eye to the middle of the slide, where there are different overlapping shapes that animate and form a pattern. Here, you can overlay your slide title.

Then, there is another layout where you can put two objects or categories together, or create a comparison with a description and list of properties. There’s also a picture list layout, which you can customize further by changing the images, adding more list items, and creating descriptions. There are also icons that come with the slides, and you can replace these icons with different ones that match your specific topic.

Shapes Of Rhythm with 3 points to show content

Easily Customizable Slides for PowerPoint

For visualizing data, you can make use of the template’s bar graph, which is specially created for this template so that it perfectly matches the rest of the slides. You may also use a blank slide from this template and insert your own SmartArt or graphics, depending on what you need to include in your slideshow and how you want to display it.

Your Rhythm

With this premium template that is especially created for PowerPoint, you can make full use of PowerPoint’s many animations, design, and style features so that you can create a personalized masterpiece that you can truly call your own.

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