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How To Make 3D Battery Graphics For PowerPoint Using Shapes

3D Battery illustrations are often used in technology and business related presentations for making diagrams, charts and to elaborate different trends using visual aid. If you want to create professional looking 3D battery graphics for PowerPoint presentations, then here is a simple tutorial for you.

Product Adoption Process Curve in PowerPoint

Product Adoption Process is a five stage process which is used for identifying trends of customers regarding their adoption or rejection of a particular product. If you wish to demonstrate the five stages of this model in the form of a presentation slide, you can use the tutorial given below to understand how to construct …

How To Create Editable Filled Shapes in PowerPoint For Infographics & Slides

If you want to create infographics and charts in PowerPoint, having the know how to create filled shapes for demonstrating statistics and trends can be handy to have in your arsenal. Filled shapes are often used for making charts and to display comparisons and trends. For example, the completion status of a project might be …

How To Create Gear Diagrams in PowerPoint Using Shapes

Gear Diagrams are useful for illustrating business, engineering and construction themed concepts, as well as to represent relationships and processes. Gears are many a times provided as clipart or as a part of the layout of a PowerPoint template to help the presenter use it for elaborating his/her ideas. In this post we will provide you …

How To Make A Puzzle in Microsoft PowerPoint Using Shapes

Puzzles are a good way of representing business illustrations, fresh ideas and to make your slides more interesting. For example, you can use puzzle pieces for making a SWOT Analysis diagram in PowerPoint, an infographic slide or simply draw a puzzle piece and label it with textboxes to present your content in a novel manner.

How To Create Soft Shadows in PowerPoint Graphics & Shapes

Soft shadows can help add some visual appeal to your slides by making your objects and diagrams appear more professional. 3D objects, for instance, can be better presented by using soft shadows to add more detail to your 3D objects and diagrams in PowerPoint.

How To Make A SmartArt Circular Pyramid in PowerPoint

Pyramid Diagrams are often used for representing foundation related relationships. For example, a pyramid diagram might be drawn to present demographic variables, sales related data, risks involved in a venture, family structures, food diagrams, etc.

How To Create 3D Quadrant Circle in PowerPoint For Making Business Diagrams

Circular shapes are often used for representing business diagrams and analysis. Quadrant circles for instance are many a times used when representing a SWOT Analysis, Pest Analysis, or a Boston Matrix.

How To Create 3D Staircase in PowerPoint

A staircase illustration is often used for depicting success, progress, motivation, etc. Since a staircase is often perceived with an upward climb, it can have a positive impact on the audience and such an illustration can be effectively used to motivate an audience or to direct them towards positive thinking.

How To Draw A 3D Roadmap in PowerPoint

Making timelines and roadmaps in PowerPoint often requires a lot of hard work and can be quite time-consuming. When you are trying to focus on presenting your project plan, you might not want to spend a lot of time on working on the aesthetics of your slides, however, at the same time, you would also …