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Animated PowerPoint Template Of Office Staff in Cubicles

If you have not tried animations in PowerPoint, then it might be worth trying out a few video animations and Animated PowerPoint Templates. Such readymade animated content can be easily found on websites like Presenter Media and we have also periodically covered many such Animated Video backgrounds and templates. Office Staff Video Background is an …

Animated Highway Video For PowerPoint Presentations

Most presentations are like a journey where the presenter displays different aspects of his point of view from the start to the very end. Information Highway Video Background for PowerPoint presentations is a customizable animation which shows different digital devices traveling across a highway.

Animated Sticky Notes Template Toolkit For PowerPoint

It’s always nice to have a few notes attached to your presentation templates as it can help you check important details just before the presentation is about to start. Sticky Note Toolkit is a PowerPoint Template that offers a wide range of sample slides with editable sticky notes.

Animated Audio Speakers For PowerPoint Presentations

Sometimes it can be hard to find PowerPoint Templates related to odd topics like media and music. Such a template maybe quite helpful in making a presentation for a sales demo or to create a PPT about rock music. Previously, we showed you how to add music to PowerPoint presentations, this time we have a …

Animated Microbes Template For PowerPoint Presentations

It can be hard to make medical presentations interesting, especially for an audience which may lack knowledge about the topic. However, half of your work can be made easy by using an interesting template related to your topic. Microbes is an Animated PowerPoint Template which contains video animations, interesting clipart, SmartArt graphics, charts and other …

Animated Water Drop PowerPoint Template

Images containing water can have a soothing effect on the viewer’s eyes. This is why using nature related presentation templates can help you leave a positive impact on your audience. Water Drop PowerPoint Template is an animated template by Presenter Media with a video animation of water drops falling into a pool of water.

Animated Network PowerPoint Template For IT And Technology Presentations

Technology in its many forms is like boxes connected from one network to another, be it social media or the various nodes of a network. The Boxes Connected PowerPoint Template is an Animated PowerPoint Template which provides various generic sample slides, suitable for making technology presentations.

Make Real Estate Presentations With Real Estate PowerPoint Template

Need to make a presentation to sell a house? How about making a nice presentation with various homes for sale, with details of the interior and price? The Real Estate Sign PowerPoint Template is perfect for the job. Whether you require selling property or wish to provide your buyers with a catalog of available homes …

Create Awesome Business Performance PowerPoint Presentations With Ready-Set-Go Template

Ready Set Go PowerPoint Template is an Animated Template by Presenter Media for creating business related presentations, particularly associated with business performance. It provides various sample slides, clipart images and editable business charts that can be used for quickly creating presentations to display growth, progress, business forecasts, financial plans, etc.

How To Make Dull Presentations Attractive Using Animations And Templates

One of the most important part of making a presentation is to ensure that it is not dull and boring. While we can argue that one aspect that makes a presentation a hit or a miss is the presenter, it cannot be denied that a good presentation template, animations, clipart and videos can also make …