Awesome Countdown PowerPoint Templates

Clock and countdowns are all too familiar for presenters, as time management is one of the most important aspects of a presentation. Furthermore, one may require a countdown timer or an image of a clock for showing timelines, to project due dates and the importance of meeting important challenges before the next quarter starts. We have compiled a list of countdown related PowerPoint Templates which come with customizable clocks, animations, clipart, images and more.

Digital Countdown PowerPoint Template

Digital Countdown is an awesome Animated PowerPoint Template by Presenter Media which provides an animation of a spinning clock, indicating the passing of time. This template contains various types of customizable sample slides including slides for making timelines. You can use the available clipart, animations and sample slides to add your own content with just a few clicks, to create a fully animated (or even static) presentation.

Digital Countdown PowerPoint Template

Other than animations and clipart, the template also offers some very attractive SmartArt, charts and semi-animated backgrounds which are easy to mold as per your requirements by adding your own logos, text, images, videos and clipart.

Digital Countdown SmartArt

This template is compatible with both PowerPoint for PC and PowerPoint for Mac.

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Clock Toolkit PowerPoint Template

The Clock Toolkit is another time related PowerPoint template with timelines, charts, clipart and animations. Whether you require creating a PowerPoint Timeline or a time management related presentation, this template is perfect for the job. It comes with different customizable images of analog clocks, including a stopwatch, which can be adjusted by moving the hands of the clock. While it does not provide a stopwatch for countdowns, the template does offer images that can be used for depicting a stopwatch as a static image.

Clock Toolkit

The Clock Toolkit is a comprehensive toolkit template for PC and Mac users who can use the different customizable clocks and sample slides within the template to create animated presentations with ease.

Go to Presenter Media – Clock Toolkit For PowerPoint

Animation Slide: Numbers Countdown Template

The Animation Slide: Numbers Countdown  is a Widescreen PowerPoint Template which comes with a countdown timer of 10 seconds and a single slide of a waterfall image.

Animation Slide Numbers Countdown Template

While this template is not very customizable, it is ideal for use as a single slide during presentations as an intermission timer. The image can be replaced with your own and you can also add custom logos, text and related content.

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Countdown Timer PowerPoint Template

Last but not least, the Countdown Timer PowerPoint Template is template that comes with a customizable countdown timer which can be adjusted as per your liking.

Countdown Timer PowerPoint Template

The timer can be easily adjusted by simply entering a time in the given digital clock. For example, you can change 19:00 to 10:00 to start a ten minute countdown. This template is perfect for showing something on the monitor when you have given the audience a break and also to keep them informed of the remaining time before the presentation resumes. You will however have to keep an eye on each slide time as when 1 minute passes, the next slide is displayed and hence, each slide can have a countdown of 1 minute only.

Edit Timer For Countdown PowerPoint Template

This template also comes with detailed instructions for using the timer and works with Windows and Mac versions of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Go to Presenter Media – Countdown Timer PowerPoint Template

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