Best Sports PowerPoint Templates

Good Sports templates for PowerPoint are hard to find, especially animated templates. Such a template is often required by sports trainers, students presenting a presentation about sports and for people who may be looking to create a presentation with their thoughts and ideas to share it online using platforms like SlideOnline. Below is a compilation of some of the finest free and premium Sports PowerPoint Templates that you are ever likely to find.

Best Sports PowerPoint Templates

1. Animated Bowling PowerPoint Template

This is an Animated PowerPoint Template which provides a wide range of sample slides with bowling related animations, clipart and SmartArt. Whether you require keeping score for your bowling records or need to make a presentation for academic or professional purposes, the Animated Bowling PowerPoint Template is just what you need.


2. Animated Basketball PowerPoint Template

If you are an NBA fan, you might want to keep track of all those records and share them with friends. A PowerPoint presentation can easily help you do this job, especially the Animated Basketball PowerPoint Template, which comes with Basketball related animations, clipart and chart layouts to add statistical data. Moreover, it might be worth making your next academic presentation about basketball.


3. Animated Swimming Pool Swimmer PowerPoint Template

Need to keep records for your trainees? Or do you wish to record your stats for swimming? The Animated Swimming Pool Swimmer PowerPoint Template can be used for a variety of presentations related to swimming, be it for personal, academic or professional use.


4. Animated Rugby PowerPoint Template

If you live in South Africa or New Zealand, the chances are you love Rugby. The Animated Rugby PowerPoint Template can be used for making presentations related to Rugby or American Football.


5. Darts PowerPoint Template

One of the most fun indoor games is darts. The Darts PowerPoint Template comes with a customizable video background which can be mixed with your own content to create visually appealing presentations.


6. Table Tennis PowerPoint Template

This free template has been designed to make presentations related to Table Tennis. You can not only use the Table Tennis PowerPoint Template for making entire presentations but also create standalone slides for sports related presentations.

Table Tennis PowerPoint Template

7. Golf PowerPoint Template

One of the toughest sports presentation templates to find is for sports like Golf. This is because this classy game is limited to very few people. If you require making a presentation about Golf, then the Golf PowerPoint Template is perfect for the job.

Golf PowerPoint Template

8. Run Trainer PowerPoint Template

The Run Trainer PowerPoint Template is suitable for trainers who may be training athletes or sports enthusiasts. You can add statistical data, diet charts and other types of related information to help your trainees remember instructions, tips and training routines.

Run Trainer PowerPoint Template

9. Trekking PowerPoint Template

The Trekking PowerPoint Template can be useful for providing safety guidelines, route details and other trekking instructions for a group going on an expedition. Of course, this template can also be used for other purposes, such as to record stats and performance related information (in case of a trekking competition).

Trekkers PowerPoint Template

10. Olympic Games PowerPoint Template

Last, but not least, the Olympic Games PowerPoint Template can be used for making presentations about the mother of all sports, i.e. the Olympic Games.

Olympic Games PowerPoint Template

If you require more sports related templates for PowerPoint, then check out the Presenter Media and FPPT collection of free and animated templates.

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