Powerpoint 2003

Difference Between PPT and PPTX File Formats


Back in the day, Microsoft PowerPoint used the PPT format which is still available even for newer PowerPoint versions. Since PowerPoint 2007 and beyond, the newer PPTX version has been widely used for saving PowerPoint presentations. If you’re confused about the difference between the two formats, see our list of differences between the two formats …

Animated Fire Brigade PowerPoint Templates

Want to make your safety and fire prevention themed presentations a little interesting? Put some animations in the mix! For making presentations related to fire prevention, fire brigades, safety at the workplace and other related topics, you can make use of our compilation of Animated Fire Brigade PowerPoint Templates listed below.

Animated Fishbone PowerPoint Template

A Fishbone Diagram, is used for identifying cause and effect relationships. Also called an Ishikawa diagram, you might require using one to identify and determine causes related to a problem. Constructing a Fishbone diagram without a good PowerPoint template can be nothing short of a nightmare. However, what can make your presentation even more attractive …

Recover PowerPoint Password Using Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Password Recovery

Password protected documents are meant to add an extra layer of security, however, they can become a nuisance if you end up forgetting the password. This can not only lead to a lot of frustration but potential loss of valuable data and you can’t help but blame yourself. Relax!

Free Test Tube PowerPoint Template

Test Tube and Monitor Themed Template for the Health and Medical Industries

If you are in a field involving medicine, pharmaceuticals, health, chemistry, and chemical engineering, to name a few, then you know that you would need presentations to show your findings, research, products, and other information. For these purposes, you would need slideshow themes that match the industry that you belong in. 

Halloween Award Certificate Template For PowerPoint

Create Beautiful Awards for Halloween Contests and Events

If you are planning a Halloween party for your home, school, organization, club, community or office, then you would need games to make it more fun and have everybody participate. Giving these participants bragging rights through award certificates makes the games and contests even much more exciting.

True Slide: Change Size Of Your PowerPoint Slides To Match Screen Size

True Slide Resize is an application by OfficeOne that can be used for resizing your slides according to the size of your screen. This tool has been developed by the same developers who brought us the previously reviewed PowerViewer, InkTools and ShapeLocker applications.  Like the previous Office One tools, True Slide resize also enhances the …

Create Animated PowerPoint Charts From MS Excel Data With Oomfo

Many a times when one requires compiling a wide range of data for presentations, the data needs to be imported from Microsoft Excel and represented in a stripped down manner in PowerPoint presentations. This can be an extremely laborious, time consuming and boring task. Moreover, the charts created with such data may not be very …

Simple Cause and Effect Diagram Template for PowerPoint

If you need to analyse the causes of a low customer satisfaction or any other business need then you can use this free Causes and Effect diagram template to visually communicate the factors contributing to a particular problem. The free PPT template shows a cause & effect PowerPoint diagram inserted into a PPT slide. The title of …

How to Determine whether a PowerPoint 2010 presentation is compatible with PowerPoint 2003 or earlier

If you are creating a PowerPoint presentation in a recent version of PowerPoint like PowerPoint 2010, 2007 or the new PowerPoint 2013, but you need to share with colleagues or online, then you may be wondering how to determine if this .ppt version is compatible with earlier versions of PowerPoint like PowerPoint 2003 or 2000. …