New Features of Office 2019

PowerPoint 2019 Edition

Microsoft is starting to unveil its latest masterpiece–Office 2019 slowly. Before this, people in the technology sphere have been abuzz with the features that Office 2019 will bring to the table. Now that their giving previews of its features, the mystery is slowly being lifted. But when will it be released? What can we expect? …

Duplicate Email Remover for Outlook


Don’t you just hate it when you get two or more copies of the same email? Ever feel frustrated whenever you see your inbox being unnecessarily flooded by duplicate messages? While you can spend hours sifting through your inbox to manually delete duplicate emails, that’s just counter-productive. Good thing there’s a plug-in to help you …

How to Customize Your Outlook Inbox


Keeping track of your inbox can be a big drag especially if you have a thousand other things to get done. Soon, you’ll be surprised to see that going over your emails, contacts, and calendars have siphoned out most of your time, time that could have been spent on more pressing matters. When this happens, …