Learn how to configure PowerPoint layouts and download free PowerPoint layouts to use in your presentations. You can learn to use PPT and Microsoft PowerPoint with custom layouts to show your content, including comparison layout, a cover layout or section divider layout.

Last Slide in a PowerPoint Presentation

The last slide in a PowerPoint presentation is not least important than other slides. Moreover, normally the last slide in a PowerPoint PPT presentation is the slide that remains the most time visible for example when presenter is ready for questions from the audience or a debate is generated at the end of a PowerPoint …

Comparison Table Layouts in PowerPoint

Comparison Table Layouts in PowerPoint

Sometimes you need to compare data and show this comparison easily to the audience. The final goal will be to have a visualization tool that help the audience to compare and explain what are the difference between two sets of data. PowerPoint comes with a comparison layout that helps you to show a comparison between …