Download unique PowerPoint layouts and slide designs for your presentations. You can download different PowerPoint layouts including comparison layouts for presentations, side by side layouts, as well as other layouts for flyers, layouts for images, as well as chart layout in PowerPoint 2010 and 2013.

Examples of PowerPoint Layouts for Quotes

There are many different ways to embed quotes into PowerPoint presentations but if you are looking for original quote layouts then you can check the following examples. We already wrote about that in our previous article How to create custom layouts for quotes, however here we will review a few other options. This style uses a …

Comparison Table Layouts in PowerPoint

Comparison Table Layouts in PowerPoint

Sometimes you need to compare data and show this comparison easily to the audience. The final goal will be to have a visualization tool that help the audience to compare and explain what are the difference between two sets of data. PowerPoint comes with a comparison layout that helps you to show a comparison between …

Learn How to Use PowerPoint Chart Layouts

PowerPoint Chart Layouts

We’re going to explore the different chart layouts in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. Now we’ll need our chart or page opened to work on. Here we already have a chart made for this tutorial, so you might want to get your own chart or one to practice with ready. Notice in the image above that there is nothing …