Interview Tips

PowerPoint presentations aren’t all that rare when it comes to job interviews, as you might be asked to provide a detailed overview of how you intend to make a difference in an organization or it might simply be a test of your basic knowledge and skills to determine if you are fit for the job.

In this section you will find presentation and interview tips to impress your potential employer.

The New PowerPoint Presenter View for Microsoft Teams

Presenter View in Microsoft Teams

Presenter View has long been a handy feature in PowerPoint which allows the presenter to access handy tools while presenting slides. As Microsoft Teams has become one of the most widely used remote meeting applications, Microsoft has now introduced PowerPoint Presenter View for Microsoft Teams. With the new features, you can present your PowerPoint presentations …

Tips on How to Deliver an Effective Interview Presentation

Interviewing for a job is always nerve-wracking, whether you are just starting to climb the career ladder or have been working for years. Sometimes, this process goes beyond the usual one-on-one interview. Interview presentations are often required for positions that are involved in communications, sales, and other client-facing jobs. Interview presentations usually cover subjects that …