Animated Cool Past Bright Future PowerPoint Template

Animated Cool Past Bright Future PowerPoint Template has a futuristic look with animated slides in grid like layouts. This general-purpose template can be used for a plethora of purposes by editing the customizable slides to your needs.

Change the Theme Color & Sample Images

With instructions across various slides, you can get some quick ideas regarding how to customize the various sample slides to create a slide deck that best matches your specific requirements. You can change the theme and text colors, as well as replace the sample clipart images.

edit past bright future powerpoint template

The slides come with animations, so anything you add will load with the previously set animations within slides, giving your slide deck an animated look without much effort. There is also a set of static slides that you can use in case you wish to make static presentations.

editable slides with animations

Design Interesting Slides

Since the slide deck comes with unique looking slides, you can make your slides interesting by using the sample slides for designing infographics, bulleted lists, picture slides, chart slides and the like. Some of the slides have been laid out in a manner where different images seem interconnected.

You can use these for making your own infographics by replacing sample images. Similarly, you can use drag and drop to change the default slide layouts.

animated infographic slide

Make Your Lists Stand Out

There are a number of slides in this template that can help your lists stand out. These slides load each part of the list upon mouse-click, enabling the presenter to better explain each aspect of the list in detail before revealing the next item. There are various color schemes in this template given for making lists. Needless to say, you can tweak these colors using the Format Background option in PowerPoint.

interesting list slides

This futuristic presentation template has versions for PowerPoint and Keynote. The PowerPoint edition works with both editions of PowerPoint, i.e. PC and Mac versions.

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