Corporate Meetings

5 Tips For A Successful Webinar

In today’s tech-savvy world, conveying information to a geographically discrete audience has become a lot easier via Webinars. Rather than leaving your office desk or planning a meeting in a conference room, it gives you the liberty to present your thoughts to audiences while leisurely sitting in your home or office.

Business Etiquette For Meetings And Networking

Networking and business events offer an opportunity for entrepreneurs and employees to converse and meet up with potential clients. These functions can be organized in various places such as local restaurant, trade shows and conferences for more formal networking events. So being an employer if you are thinking of taking your employees to any such …

School PTA Meeting Agenda Template For Word


The School PTA Meeting Agenda Template for Word lets you plan your PTA meeting, list talking points and times allotted for each talking point or issue raised. This agenda template for Word is a handy tool for recording PTA meeting discussions, or minutes.

Using PowerPoint Presentation for Web Conferencing

Using PowerPoint Presentation for Web Conferencing

Web conferencing is today’s most effective technology that offers robust communication over the internet. When combined with PowerPoint and conference call software, these webinars acts as a hallmark of a fruitful business. The reason behind its immense popularity in business world is because it can be used for conducting corporate meetings and seminars without being physically present at …