Company & Project Meeting PowerPoint Template

Meetings are the bane of corporate life. Some say that they are counterproductive and would like to tip toe around them. Meanwhile, others can’t wait for meetings to happen so they can escape from the daily grind of work. However your meeting works for you, it is important in any company setting to hold meetings efficiently and make the most out of this time.


To help you get started on the most productive business meetings you’ll ever have, you can use this Company & Project Meeting PowerPoint Template. This template is a free PowerPoint presentation template that you can download, modify, and customize to your own preferences and needs.

Effectively Manage Projects

When you are a project manager or a project member, you will have to conduct company or project meetings. These meetings allow you to relay important instructions or guidelines, as well as keep everyone abreast with project progress and any issues that may arise.

With this company & project meeting template, you can be guided with what you need to discuss in your presentation. It contains 13 slides with different headers for its subtopics.


Hold Productive Meetings

It starts with an impressive and formal title page, where you can type your company meeting title. Next is the Agenda, Review of Key Objectives and Critical Success Factors, Status, Organizational Overview, Top Issues Facing Company, Review of Prior Goals, Progress Against Goals, Key Spending Areas, Revenue and Profit, Headcount, Goals for Next Period, and Summary. It is also up to you to add more slides depending on your presentation needs and your own content.

You can also click on the Slides menu and then click on New Slide to populate a set of additional slide layouts. This will allow you to present your data in different ways, make comparisons, and even add charts, graphs, images, videos, tables, etc.


The template has a high-contrast, powder blue and black theme with white fonts. You can add your company logo and slogan to customize this. You can also go to the Design menu to change the theme to suit your preferences and apply your company colors.

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