Dark Stormy Clouds Animated Video Background For PowerPoint

One good method of making a psychological impact on your audience is to use meaningful animations in your presentation slides. For example, when trying to explain the gravity of the situation regarding a sinister threat, the use of appropriate video animations can be quite helpful in effectively getting your message through to an audience. The Dark Stormy Clouds Video Animation for PowerPoint can be quite helpful for such presentation slides.

Dark Stormy Cloud Video Animation for PowerPoint

Editable Video Animation Template With Stormy Clouds

This animation is available as a PowerPoint template, which is highly customizable using PowerPoint Video Tools. You can also use the given text-boxes to add a title and sub-title, as well as add your own images to play along with the video animation.

Editable Video Animation Template With Stormy Clouds

The plethora of options in PowerPoint Video Tools makes it quite easy to get creative with this video animation. For example, the Color Menu can be used to easily change the color of this animation.

PowerPoint Color Changing Options For Videos

The below image shows a blue color tone for the Dark Stormy Clouds Animation, which we selected from the Color Menu in PowerPoint Video Tools. You can similarly adjust the duration and overall look of this animation using default PowerPoint options.

Dark Stormy Clouds Animation in Blue Color

Available in PPTX, WMV, MOV and FLV Format

This template is available in a number of formats, including as a PPTX template and a FLV, WMV and MOV video file. You can download the version most appropriate for your project and use the video animation with presentation apps, video editing software, on a website, etc. The below screenshot shows the Dark Stormy Clouds animation running in a media player.

WMV Version of Stormy Clouds Animation

You can download the Dark Stormy Clouds Video Animation from the link given below. This animation is available for download in the formats mentioned below:

  • PowerPoint (PPTX)
  • Windows Media Video (WMV)
  • Apple’s QuickTime Video (MOV)
  • Flash (FLV)

Go to Presenter Media – Dark Stormy Clouds Video Animation Template

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