Download Free Business Card Templates at BFB

Many businesses often require making new business cards for different employees and information on cards can quickly change. In such a case getting cards printed and re-printed can incur a lot of cost. Business cards can be printed in-house instead of spending a lot of money on outsourcing the job. Businesscards.Business is a website which …

Recipe Cards Maker Templates For Word 2013

Lined Recipe Cards Template for Christmas Season

Dishes made from family recipes are not only centerpieces in every family dinner; they are also topics of fond conversations and reminisced memories. If you are one of those foodies, chefs, or food enthusiasts who hold on to your family recipes like priceless treasures, then you understand how important it is to store these recipes …

Best Thanksgiving Templates For Microsoft Word

Beautifully Designed Thanksgiving Template

Thanksgiving is one of those occasions that are always celebrated throughout the country. Many families throughout the various states have developed their own traditions around this yearly fall holiday. Still, many of its core practices remain the same: cooking Thanksgiving food like turkey, turning on some football, and eating together with family and friends.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Party Invitation Postcards Template For Word

Inviting Leftover Party Invitation for Friends and Family

Some occasions are so good, you have to celebrate it another day. And although it’s always a great idea to be thankful for every day, Thanksgiving Day parties are always welcome to be extended until the following day, or maybe even until the day after. 

E-mail Business Cards Template For Outlook

Exceptional and Professional Business Cards for Emails

It’s a common practice in the corporate world to give your business cards to your contacts in order to help grow your business network. A business card that expresses your brand is an effective marketing tool that will help you and your company in the long run. And with our increasingly digital world where business …

How To Create Thanksgiving Place Cards For Your Guests

Conveniently Create Ten Place Cards in One Page

Events such as weddings, family holidays, formal galas, birthdays, anniversaries, and thanksgiving dinners are memorable and should be planned with care. These events need to flow smoothly so that the hosts will succeed in their plans and the guests will feel special. They will go home from your event talking about how great it was …

How To Make Animated Happy New Year Cards in PowerPoint

I still remember the time when we used postcards for sending seasonal greetings. This was later switched with e-cards which still seem to be in place but are perhaps used with less enthusiasm. In the presence of services like SlideOnline and social media websites, there is no longer a need to use a readymade e-card, …

Using Mental Notes in PowerPoint Presentations

Advancing technology is bringing new change in current learning trends. Mental notes are amongst one of the most famous recent example of great technological innovation. Introducing Mental Notes Mental notes comprise of a deck of 52 cards each of which represents a different insight from Psychology. Each card has an ability to define a new …