Thanksgiving Leftovers Party Invitation Postcards Template For Word

Some occasions are so good, you have to celebrate it another day. And although it’s always a great idea to be thankful for every day, Thanksgiving Day parties are always welcome to be extended until the following day, or maybe even until the day after. 

Inviting Leftover Party Invitation for Friends and Family

Invite Friends and Family for Leftover Party

If you’re one of those who have prepared a sumptuous feast yet is still left with more leftovers to feed an army, then you may want to try this template we will discuss in this article. The Thanksgiving Leftovers Party Invitation Postcards Template for Word can help you extend Thanksgiving for another day and invite family and friends over again for another memorable occasion over food.

This Party Invitation Postcards Template is specially designed for a Thanksgiving Leftover Party, with text and images pertaining to the holiday tradition. The invitation template is available for MS Word. The invitation template is print-ready, with two invitation postcards per page, each with standard postcard dimensions of 4″ x 6″ and work with Avery 5389, 5889 and 8386.

Add Photo Effects or Change the Photos for Your Own

Easily Customizable Seasonal Template

This invitation template contains images that is best for Thanksgiving and football season, which go together in the fall. There are images of a cook preparing turkey, and another of football headgear. Even the text itself is creatively written for football and Thanksgiving, with details on the leftover party. The invitation covers the date and time of the event, including the venue, complete address, and contact numbers.

You can customize the information for your own party schedule. Simply edit the invitation to type your own details. Meanwhile, the heading “Help Us Eat The Leftovers” is sure to grab the attention of your guests.

Printer-Friendly Invitation in Postcard Format

The template is informal yet inviting, making it a perfect part invitation among friends and family. You can also change the photos for your own, and transform the invitation into a company gathering, or some other more formal affair.


This template has been removed at, you can download an alternative template via the link given below.

Go to Download Thanksgiving Party Invitation Template for Word (Alternative Template)

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